It Is Raining Men Nowadays!

The consumption of pills is no longer the way to increase sperm volume since it has become old. There is also not enough scientific evidence to prove that supplements can work the magic to grant you the excellent results that you desire in bed. It is important to remember certain things before your sex training program can show you results. You would need to simply remember certain tips before you can shower your love on her.

Not to take steam baths

It would be better not to take hot steam baths since it can decrease your count and make you feel under-confident about yourself when you go to perform in bed. Avoid bathing in hot water, too, because it can create the same problem for you.

Results will vary from person to person

The results that you expect may vary from one individual to another because when you try to increase sperm volume, the factors that played a role during your growth may also play a role right now in bed. Therefore, it would be better to train as much as possible and prepare for anything that comes your way. Potency can, however, be increased, but it does not mean that you are not fit for a good performance in bed.

Prepare yourself thoroughly

Know what can make you impotent, including certain exercises and foods that you would need to avoid. Even smoking can make you impotent to a great extent. In such cases, the exercises may not work for you. Therefore, you would need to remember that not everything works magically or works wonders without following certain prerequisites, including stopping smoking, etc. Furthermore, you would also need to be careful not to masturbate too much, failing which your semen count can go lower than you would have expected it to.


Avoid taking hot baths, smoking, and eating fatty foods, all of which can make you lose the chance to cum inside your partner in bed. In fact, there won’t be enough cum if you do not follow the safety recommendations given by doctors to keep you safe so that it will rain men each and every day for women.